Barcelona beat Villarreal and Messi leaves the pitch injured

Barcelona’s victory overshadowed the spectacle of lionel Messi’s long-standing treatment on the pitch with a groin injury in the first half, before being replaced during the break by French winger Ousmane Dembele.

Antoine Griezmann put Barcelona in the lead with a header in the sixth minute after he escaped his watch to touch the ball following a corner kick by Messi.

Brazilian Artur doubled the score with a stunning shot from long range, and the Catalan team seemed to be on their way to overcoming their troubles in the recent period.

But Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegen misjudged a long-range shot from Cazorla to allow the visiting team to return to the atmosphere of the game, before Barça maintained their superiority and increased their tally to 10 points from six games.

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