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Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk of diabetes

A new study reveals that people are at risk of developing diabetes among people with vitamin D deficiency Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Seoul National University conducted the study and published the results in the journal Plos One, according to The Next Observer. The study involved 903 healthy Read more

Health latest posts

Which countries have banned e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes have caused health concern in the United States after the ninth death from a lung disease caused by smoking an e-cigarette was recorded. The Governor of Massachusetts declared a public health emergency and imposed a four-month ban on the sale of e-cigarettes in the state. Republican Governor Charlie Baker’s order Tuesday appears to be Read more

Health latest posts

Damage to the blood vessels.

The results of a new study revealed that obesity destroys the lining of blood vessels because fatty tissue secretes harmful protein. Chinese researchers analyzed data from more than 1,000 people with atherosclerosis, which occurs when fatty deposits block arteries. They found that obese participants released “much higher levels” of a protein called WNT5A from their Read more

Health latest posts

Erectile dysfunction is associated with an increased risk of heart disease

Erectile dysfunction in men may be an indication of the possibility of an impending heart attack. Erectile dysfunction increases the risk of coronary heart disease and strokes, a recent study shows. Many men, who suffer from erectile dysfunction, often find it awkward to go to the doctor. A doctor’s review in this case is necessary, Read more


Benefits of regular physical activity

Want to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life? Just exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Everyone benefits from exercise, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Need more convincing to get moving? Check out these seven ways exercise can lead to Read more