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Advanced battery for Samsung Galaxy 11 devices

Samsung’s Galaxy S11 phones are reported to be getting a major upgrade for batteries, according to Samsung’s Twitter account Ice Universe. With almost the end of the year, all the pending phones have been announced, and it’s time to look forward to next year’s devices. Samsung’s next range of flagship smartphones may get much larger Read more

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Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk of diabetes

A new study reveals that people are at risk of developing diabetes among people with vitamin D deficiency Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Seoul National University conducted the study and published the results in the journal Plos One, according to The Next Observer. The study involved 903 healthy Read more

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Global security: dismantling a network that sexually exploits children and arresting 300 people in 38 countries

British and US authorities have announced the dismantling of a website promoting child sexual exploitation, which was selling footage of sexual abuse of child victims and 337 arrests in 38 countries. Following the dismantling of the site, which was described as “unparalleled”, its South Korean director was charged in the United States. The arrests were Read more

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British banking group HSBC plans to eliminate 10,000 new jobs

British banking group HSBC plans to eliminate 10,000 new jobs, the Financial Times reported Monday, two months after its ceo abruptly resigned and announced the cancellation of 4,000 jobs, amid the challenges of Brexit, trade war and Low interest. The layoffs mainly involve high-paying jobs and are part of a new cost-cutting campaign led by Read more

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Inventions and discoveries that have changed the face of humanity

Invisible rays, burning suns, atoms automatically decompose, physics is an unusual science. In this video tour, you learn about the most important inventions and extraordinary discoveries that have won the Nobel Prize for Physics over the years and changed the course of mankind. 1901: Rays show bones The first Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded Read more

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Manuel Neuer and Ter Stegen. Competition turns into a war of words

It seems that the rivalry between Manuel Neuer and Ter Stegen on the goalkeeper of the German national team took another grant after the two goalkeepers exchanged comments, and threatened the President of Bayern Munich to boycott The Manschaft. How so? There is a debate among the German football team at the moment about who Read more