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Inventions and discoveries that have changed the face of humanity

Invisible rays, burning suns, atoms automatically decompose, physics is an unusual science. In this video tour, you learn about the most important inventions and extraordinary discoveries that have won the Nobel Prize for Physics over the years and changed the course of mankind. 1901: Rays show bones The first Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded Read more

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NASA develops ‘Robot Unit’ to invade Titan’s moon

As competition for the invasion of outer space grows, leading space nations are developing their technologies to facilitate satellite reconnaissance. NASA plans to equip a multifunctional robot unit to invade an astronomical probe within Saturn’s moons. The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to develop a robot made up of a group of Read more

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Construction of 22 Ships and submarines for the Russian Navy in 2020

A source told the Russian news agency TASS in the military industry. The intention was to be ships, warships, nuclear submarines, electric diesel submarines and various russian navy auxiliary ships. Another source said that the list of ships to be built in 2020 includes the two helicopter carriers that the “Zalev” factory of the important Read more