Construction of 22 Ships and submarines for the Russian Navy in 2020

A source told the Russian news agency TASS in the military industry. The intention was to be ships, warships, nuclear submarines, electric diesel submarines and various russian navy auxiliary ships.

Another source said that the list of ships to be built in 2020 includes the two helicopter carriers that the “Zalev” factory of the important ships in Crimea has taken on its shoulders. Each can accommodate up to 10 helicopters of various types and missions.

The list also includes the two frigates developed from project 22350, each equipping about 24 strike missiles, two multi-mission nuclear submarines , Yasin-M of the 885M project, three diesel submarines , Varchaviacanka and Lada from Project 636.3 and 677, as well as small frigates and gunboats. And auxiliary ships of various kinds.

The Russian Unified Ships Company declined to comment on the information.

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