Manuel Neuer and Ter Stegen. Competition turns into a war of words

It seems that the rivalry between Manuel Neuer and Ter Stegen on the goalkeeper of the German national team took another grant after the two goalkeepers exchanged comments, and threatened the President of Bayern Munich to boycott The Manschaft. How so?

There is a debate among the German football team at the moment about who is the first goalkeeper of Manschaft, Manuel Neuer, the captain of Bayern Munich, or Ter Stegen, the protector of the barça den.

After the recent World Cup disappointment in Russia and the german team’s exit from the first round of competitions, the Manshavat received a new slap after losing recently to its neighbour dutch team in the euro qualifiers.

Joachim Löw tried to inject new blood into the German national team by alienating veteran players and using young players, giving up Thomas Müller, Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels, while keeping goalkeeper Manuel Neuer as the team leader. Luv has always remained loyal to Noir as a key goalkeeper despite the new levels offered by his rival Ter Stegen with Barcelona.

The first week of the season saw a war of words between Neuer and Ter Stegen, during which Bayern Munich president Ole Hunis entered the line to defend Noir. How did things between Noir and Ter Stegen have evolved to this extent?

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Before the 2018 World Cup, Ter Stegen played the preparatory matches in place of Noir, who was injured at the time.

  • In the first match of the World Cup Russia (June 17, 2018) Luv relied on Neuer returning from injury as a key goalkeeper, while Ter Stegen continued from the bench this match which ended with Mexico’s 1-0 win over Germany.
  • In March 2019, after the German team’s second-place finish in the European Championship, Love announced that he had given up veteran players such as Boateng, Hummels and Mueller, while Neuer remained on Love’s list as a key guard and Ter Stegen as a reserve guard.

Also in March 2019, Love Ter Stegen promised to give him more time to play. However, Ter Stegen played only 45 minutes, when he came on as a substitute in the friendly between Germany and Serbia.

September 2019 Nourer scored four goals against the Netherlands in the Euro qualifiers, yet he maintained his position as a key goalkeeper, four days later against Northern Ireland.

September 2019, Ter Stegen told Spanish media that his lieutenant to the German national team’s bench was “painful.” Noir responded to Ter Stegen’s remarks by saying “such comments are not helpful,”” ter Stegen replied, “Noir has no right to prevent him from expressing his feelings.”

September 2019 Ter Stegen takes on Fc Barcelona as a guest of Dortmund and offers a strong performance and tackles a penalty kick by Marco Ruiz.

Hounis gets on the line.

In the midst of the controversy between Neuer and Ter Stegen, Bayern Munich president Ole Hunis has entered the line, announcing that his team will boycott the German team if Neuer is abandoned as a goalkeeper in Manchaft. “If that happens, we will refrain from allowing any of our players to join the national team,” Hounis told Bild newspaper.

But Hounis’ move would be a clear violation of FIFA’s laws that force clubs to allow their players to join their national teams.

Hoonis appears to have backtracked slightly on these remarks, with his office explaining that Honess now has no comment on the matter.

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