NASA develops ‘Robot Unit’ to invade Titan’s moon

As competition for the invasion of outer space grows, leading space nations are developing their technologies to facilitate satellite reconnaissance. NASA plans to equip a multifunctional robot unit to invade an astronomical probe within Saturn’s moons.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to develop a robot made up of a group of robots that can carry out individual expeditions or group-shaped missions when docked. NASA’s “Shapeshifter” project is still in development and is scheduled to be used on a mission to explore Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, in 2026, where the space capsule Dragon will transport the multifunctional robot to the surface of titan’s moon, according to NASA. Electronic. The robot has the ability to fly and move over the surface of the Nitan satellite as well as sail its lakes either in a solitary form or an integrated unit.

The “Shapeshifter” team and its president Ali Akbar Agha Mohammadi expect to complete an integrated unit of “robots” consisting of ten robots, all equipped with helicopters and able to fly over the moon “Titan” to explore its surface, penetrate its caves and communicate with each other. These robots can also dock and form a ball that rolls over the surface of the orb to explore the methane lakes on it, according to the German website “Golem”.

The robotics squadron can get enough power to navigate from bases that can be installed on titan’s surface. In addition, these rules contain scientific equipment to evaluate the samples obtained.

The Cassini probe recorded data on Titan during its mission that showed many similarities to the earth’s surface. Titan contains rivers and lakes of methane and sees rain, but it is not watery, but liquid chemical compounds of methane and ethane. The volcanoes on titan’s surface do not provide lava but ammonia.

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