Sony postpones review “PlayStation 5”

Japan’s Sony has postponed a live online show dedicated to introducing the new generation of PlayStation units scheduled for Monday due to growing unrest in U.S. cities over the killing of black citizen George Floyd in Minneapolis by police.

“Although we understand that players around the world are excited to watch PlayStation 5, we don’t feel the time to celebrate… For now, we want to back down and allow more important voices to rise.”

In a related context, American video game creator Electronic Arts canceled a planned presentation of the new Madden NFL 21 game this week. “We stand by african-American friends, players, colleagues and partners,” wrote California-based EA.

“Our main focus now is on the actions we can take to contribute to changing the unfair treatment and systemic bias of our nation and the world,” she said.

The cancellation of the annual e-video game show in Los Angeles this month due to the Coved-19 epidemic has prompted companies planning to advertise their products or presentations online.

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