Venice’s famous tourist city misses visitors

EuroGulf24 – Venice’s famous tourist city misses visitors because of Corona

Just one day after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the decision to apply quarantine to 11 provinces in the country, starting with Milan, the economic capital of the world’s most famous city, Venice, a tourist destination, has turned into a ghost city.

Authorities have isolated millions in an effort to curb the deadly epidemic that has so far killed 463 people and injured more than 7,300. The European country has become the most affected by the virus after China.

In the same vein, the government has been able to make a decision on the issue of the right to appeal to the Court of Appeal. When the offence is imposed, a fine of 206 euros, equivalent to $235, must be paid.

Authorities ordered the closure of museums and theatres, cancelled weddings and gatherings, and asked restaurants to keep at least one meter between customers.

These extraordinary Italian measures are expected to last until 3 April.

The border is still open with neighbouring countries, although Prague has called on Rome to ban its citizens from travelling abroad.

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